Start ‘em Young!

With ToolKid, they can: real tools, specially
developed for children’s hands to experience
the joy of creating something themselves in
complete safety!

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ToolKid Toolset

Let’s get to work!

These are not TOYS or RESIZED tools for adults, but the first professional tools for kids. What makes ToolKid different? The ergonomic design, the weight and the size: these are tools, especially geared to children, that are easily manageable and in line with their physical and motor development.

And safe* to work with, so you can let them do it themselves. Add to this that using ToolKid contributes positively to the motor development, creative ability and social interaction of your child. So why wait?

*ToolKid tools are setting safety standards globally: they are the only tools that meet the strict European safety standard for toys (Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC) that are amongst the strictest in the world and accredited by ASTM.

Introduction-Deal: from $ 299.99 to $ 249.99


A complete toolset for woodworking with real tools for kids from 5 years old, easy to use and safe to work with! Complies with strict European safety standards, accredited by ASTM International in the USA.

Let them do it themselves!

The fun of making

Why do kids love ToolKid tools? They’re the only children’s tools that are 100% ergonomically designed to meet the physical abilities of kids aged 5 to 12 years, so they’re super easy to handle!

Using ToolKid lets kids learn and discover in a playful way. The joy of creating encourages them to think creatively and find solutions for problems they encounter while building. Because the kids have total ownership over their own project, it stimulates them to push through till the end and work towards a result they can be proud of! Seeing the tangible result of their efforts will boost their confidence and give them an experience they won’t forget: I build something myself!

Learning technical skills at a young age open their eyes to how the world around us is made, a new experience which will stimulate them to become happy contributors to our future society!

Measuring tools for kids


  • Flexible measuring tape prevents cutting fingers
  • Carpenter’s square, dimensionally stable and flexible
  • Carpenter’s pencil for small hands, oval shape, flat tip


Sawing tools for kids


  • Saw guide keeps free hand clear of the blade
  • Promotes straight cuts in a simple way
  • Pistol grip handsaw encourages smooth cutting


Jigsawing tools for kids


  • Ergonomically shaped bracket for good coordination
  • Pistol grip promotes a smooth cutting motion
  • Easy for kids to change sawblades by themselves


Sanding block for kids


  • Lightweight and soft grip sanding block
  • Sandpaper with hook and loop fastener
  • Grainsizes from fine (P120) to very fine (P240)


Drill set for kids


  • Safe drilling due to low speeds
  • Fixed head does not rotate during drilling
  • Better focus and straight drilling with T-model


Hammering tools for kids


  • Ergonomically shaped hammerhandle with flange
  • Handle with profile for good grip
  • Nail holder for driving in nails without hitting fingers


Screwdriver for kids


  • T-model for more grip
  • The shape facilitates the rotation
  • Bits in different sizes stored in the handle


Safety equipment for kids


  • Clear user- and safety instructions for kids
  • Visually supported by photographs
  • Safety goggles with scratchfree mirror lenses
  • Colourcoated lenses for better visibility
  • Eye protection from fine dust particles


“Kids, from day one, love to build stuff. If they can use their own ideas and solutions when it comes to construction problems, they are challenged to learn, not only about engineering, but also about physics and chemistry, math, and even reading and writing”.

Chris Rogers, Professor of Mechanical engineering, Tufts University, Massachusetts

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