Who learns young does not forget when they are old

Start ’em Young!

According to ToolKid, technical education is imperative. As the world we live in grows more complex in technology, almost all products have become easily accessible. Because of this easy access and the small cost, kids that are born into this age completely lack feeling with how stuff is made. That is, if they aren’t taught differently! You can start investing in our future society by reviving this basic technical insight in the kids of today.

What could be more wonderful than children learning skills that they can benefit from later in life? And by stimulating children early on to be interested in technology and by helping them to discover their talents in this area, we are building on a more sustainable future today.

ToolKid is not just attuned to the development of children, it also contributes hugely to their development.

By working with tools, children learn skills that form the foundation for their further (technical) development. They quickly become skillful, creative and solution-oriented. And you can be sure that this boosts their self-confidence!

Apart from stimulating their independence and self-reliance, using tools also encourages them to work together. Children look at one another to see how things are done, they help each other, exchange ideas, and find ways to create an even better product.

Every child develops dynamically, in their own and pace way. Using ToolKid will bring a steady growth in technical and motor development of the child.

Let them do it themselves!

By looking through the eyes of a child, we see the possible barriers keeping them from ‘doing it themselves’ (DIY). ToolKid aims to remove all these barriers, by providing kids with easy, appealing and safe tools to help them DIY on their own.

Our safe and easy tools and instructions for kids will give them a great base for ‘DIY-ing’, but it is also up to you as an adult to actually trust your kids to work independently. Though it can be quite a step at first, we want to encourage everyone to take this step of trust and let the results speak for themselves! The joy and freedom this gives them, will help your kids tremendously in their development and will build their autonomy like nothing else.

A sustainable future

By letting children discover for themselves what they can do when they start working on technical challenges, they also become more and more aware of what lies behind the world of technology. This triggers their curiosity and encourages them to decide to make something by themselves instead of buying something new. It is good for them and for the environment! And this is how we can build on a more sustainable future, by investing at the base. Because our children shape the world of tomorrow. Let’s give them ‘tools for life’!