Measuring tape with flexible tape ruler for measuring and marking

ToolKid measuringtape

Measuring tape with flexible tape ruler for measuring and marking

  • Learning how to measure while you play
  • Easy and safe
  • Sturdy, flexible measuring tape


You use the measuring tape to measure the size of something or to mark the right size. While they work and play, children learn how to take measures. The measuring tape has a plastic casing with a rolling mechanism. For safety purposes, the (normally made of) steel tape ruler has been replaced by a sturdy, flexible tape to ensure that children don’t cut their fingers when the tape is rolled back in.

Press the button to pull out or roll back the tape. The measuring tape is 60” long.

Carpenter's square for proper measuring

ToolKid carpenter’s square

Carpenter’s square for proper measuring

  • For measuring right angles
  • Marking perpendicular lines
  • Keeps its shape while using it


The carpenter’s square is used to measure and mark perpendicular lines, for instance, if you want to saw a plank or board at a right angle. You can also use it to check whether an angle is straight (90°). The carpenter’s square is robust, sturdy and keeps its shape. The ruler is 12” long.

Carpenter's pensil small size for small hands

ToolKid carpenter’s pencil

Carpenter’s pencil for drawing and marking lines

  • Point that doesn’t break easily
  • Pencil that doesn’t roll away
  • Good grip


The carpenter’s pencil can be used to draw lines on the wood and mark measurements. The ToolKid carpenter’s pencil is small in size but similar to the large red pencil that grown-ups use. The special flat and broad shape ensures that the pencil doesn’t roll away when it lies on the worktop and it also makes the point sturdier and less easy to break. The pencil can be sharpened with a sharp knife by a grown-up.