Screwdriver with bits with T-shape to tighten screws easier

ToolKid screwdriver with bits

T-shape screwdriver with bits to tighten screws easier

  • Bits inside the handle
  • Makes screwing easier
  • Easier to use strength


Tightening screws is not an easy skill to learn, especially for children. With the ToolKid screwdriver, the child has a better grip and finds it easier to make the rotational motion. The 6 screw bits in different sizes (both flat and crosshead bits) are stored away inside the handle with a clamp mechanism. Replacing the bit can only be done by pushing the used bit against the bit you want to use, making it slide out of the handle so it can be placed into the bit holder. This way, bits won’t get lost. The turning of the screw into or out of the wood can be done by either using the fixed position or the ratchet position.