Reachargeable drill especially for kids for safe drilling

ToolKid reachargeable drill

Rechargeable drill set for safe drilling!

  • Safe due to low speeds
  • Drill head doesn’t rotate
  • Easy to drill straight holes


Rechargeable electric drill, 3.6 Volt, with Li-ion technology and battery, suitable for drilling through wood and soft materials. The ergonomically designed T-model makes it easy for children to aim better and drill at a right angle. The drill can be held with two hands because the head doesn’t rotate. The drill is safe to use. Thanks to the low speeds, children will not hurt themselves. When the drill is suddenly pulled out, the drill bit becomes detached and stays behind in the wood. When the hole has been drilled, the bit is pulled out of the wood by using the reverse setting. The drill comes with 6 drill bits (2 x 2 mm, 2 x 3 mm and 2 x 4 mm). The charging time of the drill is max. 2 hours.