ToolKid sanding block

Sanding is easy and fun with the lightweight sanding block!

  • Lightweight
  • Good grip
  • Sandpaper with Velcro


The sanding block is lightweight and feels comfortable. The soft foam-like material gives the child a firm grip. The sandpaper is easy to attach with the Velcro attached to the base of the sanding block. The sanding block can be used to sand down flat surfaces as well as the sides of the wood. The tip of the block is used to sand down the smaller corners.

ToolKid sandpaper

Sandpaper for the ToolKid sanding block

  • Different grit sizes
  • Extra corner pieces
  • Easy to attach


Sandpaper, specially made for the ToolKid sanding block, suitable for sanding by hand (so not for electric sanding machines or devices).

The grit sizes vary from P120 (fine) to P240 (very fine), 5 sheets packaged per grit size.

With extra corner pieces for sanding in corners. These pieces wear the quickest and can be replaced separately. The sandpaper is easy to attach to the sanding block.